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More than ever before, data loss prevention is an essential investment for global enterprises and their cloud security. Vulnerabilities in cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce as well as network susceptibility from IoT devices, have only heightened corporate exposure to cyber attacks. Kelly Communications Systems works with industry-leading CASB and SIEM products to offer solutions that combat the potential of a data breach in your network.

After reading this book, you will be equipped to confidently:

  • Understand the risk of enterprise cloud services that your employees are using
  • Adopt a cloud policy tailored to your organization
  • Protect sensitive data in the cloud
  • Stop and remediate cloud threats
  • Monitor ongoing cloud app usage and enforce policy compliance

Cloud Security For Dummies includes five important chapters with actionable information that you can use within your organization.

Chapter 1: Assessing the Current State of Cloud Security
Chapter 2: Finding and Evaluating Cloud Services in Your Enterprise
Chapter 3: Putting Cloud Security Into Practice
Chapter 4: Creating a Cloud Security Policy
Chapter 5: Ten Must-Haves to Ensure Secure Usage of Cloud Services

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