In 2016, there have been 809 data breaches with 29 million+ records exposed. Get a clearer picture of gaps in your cloud data security with our Cloud Risk Assessment.

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During your session, we will discuss what CISOs need to know about:

• How to find, understand, and secure cloud risk
• How to quantify it for their corporate leadership and board of directors
• How to convey it in the context of their overall cloud strategy

As a follow-up to this session, we will conduct a Cloud Risk Assessment that will provide you with an overview of your organization’s cloud app usage, how enterprise-ready they are, how risky they are for your organization and recommendations for mitigating that risk.

Our Cloud Risk Assessment includes:

  • Cloud apps by category, enterprise-readiness level, and risk
  • Usage and data movement in sanctioned and unsanctioned apps
  • DLP violations and data exposure
  • Analysis of these items against your business concerns

Your Assessment will be delivered in an executive summary presentation and via a secure, dedicated tenant instance.

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