Avocent, a business of Emerson Network Power, is an information-technology products manufacturer headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. Avocent formed in 2000 from the merger of the world’s two largest manufacturers of KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) equipment: Apex and Cybex Computer Products Corporation. As of August 2006, the company employed more than 1,800 people worldwide.

Emerson Network Power’s Infrastructure Management products offer comprehensive data center infrastructure resource management system that revolutionizes the manner in which organizations manage today’s increasingly complex and ever-changing data center environment. It is the only enterprise-wide solution with the capabilities and tools to deliver all aspects of intelligent data center management to assist organizations with the challenges they face.

Serial Consoles

Serial Consoles

Avocent has a full line of serial console appliances that include the field tested ACS, the SMB targeted ACS 5000 and the next generation ACS 6000.​

Secure, remote access to console devices. Using ACS console servers, IT professionals and network operations center (NOC) personnel can conduct secure remote data center management including remote control, equipment monitoring or diagnosing and troubleshooting equipment.

  • Secure in-band and out-of-band network remote management
  • Integrated centralized administration – using Avocent DSView management software
  • Regulatory compliance and easy troubleshooting – online and off-line data logging with time stamps
  • Strong dial-up and secure dial-back using optional built-in modem
  • Access to remote and unreachable locations using automatic network failover to cellular (and failback) capability
KVM Switches

KVM Switches

Consolidate access at the desk, at the rack or across the entire data center with Avocent® field-proven line of analog and digital KVM switches. Avocent® solutions has been at the forefront of KVM development from the start, saving space and improving staff efficiency in leading companies across the globe.​

Improve Remote Management and Staff Efficiency


  • Reduce the time required to remotely diagnose/reconfigure/repair/restore servers as well as network devices and other hardware with serial configuration and/or management consoles.
  • Complement in-band tools to create a more complete remote management solution to access servers and network equipment at remote locations.
  • Virtual media enables remote USB connections to map CD-ROM and other USB mass storage devices directly to remote servers to transfer/copy files, load updates or install new applications, etc.
Avocent DSView Management Software

Avocent DSView Management Software

DSView™ management software delivers the complete data center control necessary for the 24/7 data center.

  • Enables IT and data center professionals to flexibly manage operations from any location
  • Single point of data center infrastructure management
  • Activity logging for full operational accountability
  • Zone granularity access control
  • Appliance firmware releases managed consistently
  • Flexibly restore and reimage devices from virtual media
  • Instantly add power manager (Avocent Rack Power Manager) exploiting the
  • DSView™ software model
  • Architected business continuity
  • Secured via site authentication and web certificates