Cardinal Sins: What the St. Louis MLB Hacking Scandal Teaches Us All

Just before the 2017 Major League Baseball season kicked off, the final pages in the infamous Cardinals-Astros hacking scandal were written. In January, MLB commission Rob Manfred added to the penalties levied by a federal judge last July which sentenced Christopher Correa, the team’s former scouting director, to nearly 5 years in jail for hacking [...]

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Lowering Corporate Data Centers’ Heavy Carbon Footprint this Earth Day

Depending on your perspective, Earth Day 2017 could be among the environmental movement’s most significant events in the 47 years the national day of ecological and atmospheric awareness has been celebrated. Why? Because as a nation we’re crossing an important moment. It’s the moment where a healthy majority of Americans believe global climate change is [...]

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What’s Driving Your Cloud Security? CISOs Descend on TopGolf to Talk Cloud Risk

To put it bluntly, March in the New York metro area is not a golf-friendly month. Luckily, Kelly Communications Systems and security partner, Netskope, scored a “Double eagle” on Thursday, March 30 during their roundtable discussion on cloud security. Not only did attendees relish the mild temperatures, but information security professionals enjoyed an in-depth conversation [...]

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Vertiv Identifies Data Center Infrastructure Trends for 2017

Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, released six data center infrastructure trends* to watch in 2017. This year’s trends follow the 2016 data center trends published by Emerson Network Power last year. “We’re moving further into the cloud era and that creates challenges and opportunities for organizations using and delivering cloud and co-located data center resources,” [...]

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The Biggest Threat To Your Organization’s Cybersecurity

What do Yahoo!, the Democratic National Committee, and Netflix all have in common? Over the last several months, these organizations have each been a victim of systematic cyberattacks, resulting in the data breach of millions of personal records and emails as well as the disruption of business activities and service. So, what has been identified [...]

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